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Auto electrical servicing & brake & clutch repairs in Bundaberg

Here at Fischer Automotive, we provide mechanical repairs and servicing for all makes and models in Bundaberg. We recommend having a general service done annually or every 10,000km, especially if your car is more than 7 years old or not following the logbook schedule anymore.

Our general services always include:
Engine oil & filter changed
Fluids topped up
Cooling & charging systems checked
Brake, safety & headlights inspected & replaced
Car services 1  – Auto electrician Bundaberg in Bundaberg, QLD
Car services 2 – Auto electrician Bundaberg in Bundaberg, QLD
We're also licensed to conduct logbook servicing for all major makes and models. This means we can provide a complete service, cheaper than the big dealers, without voiding your warranty.

We always test drive your vehicle before and after every service, to ensure it is ready to pick up. We aim to always provide a quality and reliable automotive service to every customer. Call our team today to book your car in.

Mechanical Problems

If your car is making a strange noise whenever you turn it on, contact Fischer Automotive. We provide comprehensive mechanical inspections and repairs for all makes and models.

We have more than 2 decades of experience repairing:
CV shafts
Timing chains
Cylinder heads
We always carefully explain what needs repairing or replacing, and we'll give you a price before undertaking any work. All of our work is guaranteed.

Auto Electrical

These days, cars are as much electrical as they are mechanical. This is why Fischer Automotive also provides a comprehensive auto electrical service for Bundaberg locals and businesses.

Many cars and engines are becoming increasingly computer controlled, this results in more efficient cars with improved performance, but it also means they are more complex than ever.

The good thing about auto electrical faults is that they are usually indicated by a light or error message on the dash, making it easy for you to know something is wrong. Though there are more serious issues that can arise, like your car not starting at all or cutting out unexpectedly.

If your vehicle is suffering an electrical problem, our auto electricians have the technology and experience to diagnose, service and repair any fault in all components.

For comprehensive servicing on all auto electrical components in Bundaberg, contact Fischer Automotive today.

Clutch Repairs

Is your car leaking fluid or struggling to get into gear? It might be time for a new clutch. At Fischer Automotive, our mechanics perform complete clutch checks, repairs and replacements.

These services include:
Replace cables
Repair or replace master & slave cylinders
Bleed & replace fluid
Install new clutch kit
As with all of our services, we only use high-quality parts, and we test drive every vehicle before and after the service. All of our work comes with a 12-month warranty.

We do our best to provide accurate quotes upfront and will always inform you of any additional repairs before we undertake added work.

Brake Replacements

Don't put up with squeaky brakes! If you've noticed issues with your car's brakes, such as grinding or a squeaking noise, loose handbrake, or shuddering when you slow down, it's a good idea to bring your car down to Fischer Automotive on Enterprise St.

We provide repairs and replacements for all makes and models. We'll check the condition of your current brake pads, bleed and test them, and repair or replace them where needed.

Our mechanics look after every aspect of your brakes, including:
Brake machining
Disc rotors
Wheel cylinders
Hand brakes
Brake lines
ABS diagnostics
With a 12-month warranty on all of our work, you can feel confident that your brakes will keep you and your passengers safe on the roads in Bundaberg. Contact Fischer Automotive for comprehensive mechanical repairs and servicing today.

Auto Air Conditioning

Don't sweat it out this summer. Drive through Bundaberg and the surrounds in comfort with reliable auto air conditioning repairs and servicing from our licensed auto electricians.

It's recommended you have your air con system checked at least once every 2 years to ensure it's not starting to malfunction. Units that don't get serviced regularly can start to smell and won't cool properly.

Our team will re-gas your unit and check all the seals and tubes to ensure there are no leaks. Call our team to get a quote.